Bluestem’s Sarah Voska Wins Conservation Award


Press Release

At its recent annual meeting, Citizens for Conservation honored Sarah Voska of Bluestem Ecological Services with the 2020 William H Miller award for outstanding support for conservation.  Their highest award is presented to an individual, group or organization that has shown outstanding conservation efforts within the Barrington Area.  

Sarah was selected for her work on the local, national, and international level to support environmental education and ecological restoration. She grew up as a student of CFC, having participated in programs like 4th Graders on the Prairie, and working as a summer intern.   

“Citizens for Conservation showed me that I could be an activist at home – that carbon sequestration happens before our eyes on the prairie. Through restoring prairies, our community is more resilient against climate change, while protecting natural habitat, sequestering carbon in our soils, and restoring historical ecosystems and human connections. CFC inspired to me pursue a career in ecological restoration.”  

Bluestem develops partnerships based on a balance of people, then environment and economic value, and is proud to support community conservation efforts. Sarah continues to support conservation and environmental education at Bluestem with every one of our customers, as well as through her volunteer work with Care About Climate and Citizens for Conservation.  

Congratulations Sarah Voska!










  • Bob Nash

    Congratulations and thanks for all you do…

  • Ted Larkin

    Congratulations, Sarah. What an honor! And I’m sure well-desrved. Thanks for all you do for so many.

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